October Training Module for Title III Staff

The October training focus is on the ASCOG Title III Policy and Procedures Manual.  You can find a copy of the manual here.

This manual mostly mirrors the DHS Aging Services Title III Policy which can be found at OKDHS.org.  Additional policies or procedures are sometimes added to the state’s policy in order to provide clarity of instruction or consistency in practice. Any additions to the state policy is reviewed and approved by the ASCOG Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council.  Input is also obtained from ASCOG subcontractors.

The policy manual contains a table of contents with links to allow Title III staff to easily find the topic they are searching for.  The policy is also word searchable.

All Title III staff are responsible for being familiar with where to access the manual as well as understanding the contents of the manual that apply to their respective positions.

ASCOG will provide technical assistance to answer any questions about Title III policy.  For more information, email Ken Jones at jone_ke@ascog.org or call 580.736.7972.