Economic Development

The efforts of the Community & Economic Development (CED) Division are focused in the following areas:

  • Community Planning and Technical Assistance
  • Economic Development
  • Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP)

Funding for the Division originates from the following sources:

  •  The Federal Government
  •  The Oklahoma Legislature
  •  Local governments (on a voluntary basis)
  •  Contract opportunities for services

Division personnel are trained and certified to work with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, USDA Rural Development, Oklahoma Water Resources Board, and many other federal and state agencies to identify and procure funding for a variety of programs. Among our highest priority project areas in Community Development are planning, funding and constructing vital water and sewer infrastructure improvements. Over the years, our successes have included everything from small neighborhood projects to county-wide and multi-county projects. The Capital Improvements Planning (CIP) process, created and funded by the State through the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, provides far-reaching benefits to participating local governments, and promotes more effective and efficient local planning and budgeting for most local infrastructure needs. Other work areas include codebooks, grant/loan applications and administration, and a wide variety of related topics.

Our priorities in Economic Development focus on creating jobs and improving local economies throughout the area. Originally created as an Economic Development District, ASCOG has worked to promote industrial park development funding, small and large business financing packages, business planning, and creation of revolving loan funds to expand the availability of capital. Our staff has also worked in such other areas as Downtown Revitalization and is familiar with almost every state/federal program that is available for use in those fields.

The Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP) program is administered through the Community and Economic Development Division. Applications are taken each August to fund local projects selected through a competitive process. Eligible applicants include cities, towns, and unincorporated areas with a population under 7,000. Economic development, infrastructure

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