The January training focus is on program reports.

The most common program report is the S-19 report.  All project directors are required to submit this report monthly.  Information for nutrition projects is gleaned from reports submitted by site managers for each site.  Here are the links to the form and instructions:

SUOA-S-19 Report Blank Word


The remaining program reports can be found in AIM.  Here is a list of program reports that should be completed or pulled monthly by each project using the AIM database:

  • OKA003 – Assessment Dates for Clients in Service (to show significant compliance with intake/update completion)
  • OKC110 – Clients by County and City (to check for incomplete data)
  • OKD215 – Clients Missing Required Data (to ensure significant compliance with completion of data)
  • OKD216 – Clients with (HMS/CHO/HDM/CON) and No Assessment – (to ensure significant compliance with intake completion)
  • OKD216a – Clients with (HMS/CHO/HDM) and No ADL/IADL – (to ensure significant compliance with in-home service intake completion)
  • OKD216b – Clients with Meals and No Nutrition Score (to show signficant compliance with intake completion for nutrition participants)
  • OKN500 – Numbers of Clients by Age/Demographics (to show significant compliance with targeting goals)
  • OKN514 – Group Services With Estimated Clients (to show significant compliance with group unit compliance, if applicable)
  • OKN508 – Client/Service Numbers by Taxonomy and Month (to show significant compliance with monthly service requirements)
  • OKN509 – Client/Service Numbers (to show significant compliance with unit/UPS goals)
  • OKP605 – Submitted monthly to ASCOG AAA Accountant (is matched up in AIM for AAA Review to show compliance with unit cost requirements)

For more information on AIM reporting, refer to the AIM Manual at this link:  AIM Manual


  • ADL – Activities of Daily Living
  • AIM – Aging Information Management Database
  • CHO – Chore Services
  • CON – Congregate Meal Services
  • HDM – Home Delivered Meal Services
  • HMS – Homemaker Services (not currently available at ASCOG)
  • IADL – Instrumental Activities of Daily Living