2018 REAP – Final Awards List

2018 REAP Scoring Sheet for Trustees
  Applicant Project Description Category Amount Requested
1 Ringling CDBG/REAP Consent Order Phase 1 of Sewer Project – Replace Lift Station – Total Project Cost $149,500 Sewer $136,364
2 Comanche 2nd year, Consent Order Waterline Loop to address high TTHM levels.   Engineering complete. OWRB grant $150,000 and Town of Comanche $18,367 cash leverage. Water $45,000
3 Tuttle 2 Storm Sirens to finish coverage area PS $42,563
4 Ryan Electrical system supplies and equipment including 40 utility poles with cross arms, braces and insulators; security lights, wire, capacitors, transformers, transformer tester, hydraulic tamper and drill, cut-outs, fuses, etc. $3,600 cash match Utilities $45,000
5 Loco Replace undersized waterlines on N2980 Road that are over 35 years old and in need of constant repair Water $45,000
6 Walters 3rd Year Resurface approximately 3 miles of roads including 1 mile on Park Road, 1 Mile on Golf Course Road, 2 blocks on Indiana, 3 blocks on Mershon Drive, and 2 blocks on Thurman $5,000 cash match Streets $45,000
7 Hastings 3rd Year Resurface 3.35 miles of city streets including Flynn, Parrish, Broadway, Duke, College, K, M and 4th, 6th, and Holland. Streets $45,000
8 Grady County #1 2 Storm Sirens for North Eastern Grady County to finish coverage area PS $40,326
9 Comanche County 1 2nd Year Final phase to complete new fire station for Valley View FD.   Concrete the driveway and apron needed to support heavy fire trucks using the building until called out $5,000 cash match PS $45,000
10 Cyril 2nd Year Funds for Engineering Report for sewer system. SSES already completed. Sewer $45,000
11 Terral Replace 147 water meters that are worn-out and no longer accurate Water $45,000
12 Wayne Resurface approximately 1 mile of roads including Meek, Brakefield, Seifried, Beck, Kerr, Williams, Fox, Clemens, and Shannon Streets $45,000
13 Waurika Erecting walls, installing trusses, and installing the roof of what was originally intended to house DOC inmates. Cash Match $25,000 Building $45,000
14 Elgin 2nd Year – Funds for relining the inside of stand pipe and painting the outside. Water $45,000
15 Temple 325 hi-intensity reflective Street Signs including brackets and posts to meet new signage code requirements Streets $39,997